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Medical Billing

02/25/20102 minute read

ANKSO is also a business process outsourcing company providing BPO services including back office outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) solutions: Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Research,Finance and Accounting, Back Office, and Contact Center services.

We get you paid fast and we get the most from the insurance companies. We have a denials management department that concentrates on denied claims that your previous biller might have told you was uncollectible. Let us be the judge. We offer accurate and detailed reports so you can see how we are doing a better job for you! Let us assign a team of billers for your company. Let us take the headache of billing off your shoulders!

We provide innovative and effective Business Process Outsourcing solutions Internationally and improve healthcare providers’ cash flow and net revenues through Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) initiatives. The end result of these solutions is measurable results, improved quality, increased productivity, and reduced risk for the hospital and/or affiliated medical group.

We represent Hospitals and Physicians in all aspects of revenue recovery from both third party and self pay payers. We act as a boutique revenue cycle outsourcing entity for health care providers and provider organizations. Some of our services include- Early Out Self Pay Collections, Bad Debt Collection Agency, Third Party Insurance Follow up Services, Billing Services, Practice Management, Health care software solutions, Electronic Medical Record Solution, Personal Health Record Solution, Web Based Software Package, Scheduler and More.

For your Medical Practice/Hospital data Solutions contact us ceo@ankso.com

Burke, Virginia, USA

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