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ANKSO is introducing a unique breathable bra which is meant to help cut down on any perspiration. You can just make out the perforations in the fabric and it feels a little bulky with the padding but it’s not as padded as you may think. Once you’d put it on it did give you a boost. It’s a bra that’s functional yet fashionable and stylish.

Fit and Shape

The fit is great; it clings to your body and helps to keep the shape of your breast as well as having easy to use adjustable straps to help with initial fitting. The shape is great too it has a very feminine line and the double straps are a nice touch.

Ventipad Bra Inside View 8 Ventipad Insert3


A very comfortable bra that is great to wear all day including while you walk with the dog. Usually you change to a sports bra so that any perspiration is not lingering around. No worries with this bra though, No perspiration! The unique perforations keep it away from your skin and it really works. You will feel as fresh after the walk as before. You can even go for a bike ride at the weekend and again no perspiration due the bras unique design. Also, you may have a job that includes bending, stretching and lifting but this bra moves fluidly with you and needs little or no adjustments.

Materials & Durability

Excellent fabric. It really does what it was designed for and it was comforting to know that along with all the special features the fabric is soft, durable and of a very good quality. The padding in the cups is firm yet flexible and helps to give a great shape to your bust line whilst not making you too hot like some padded bras do.

Design and Style

You will love the design of this bra, its feminine curves and the double straps add a little class to it and it’s so easy to adjust to fit. The style is perfect to wear to work or for any occasion as it’s seamless and gives you a smooth look under all clothing and a great shape too.

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This breathable bra is great to wear any time and for most activities and its available in a variety of styles including; padded bra, padded push up bra and sports styles so you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s not difficult to see that this will be a very popular bra especially in the warmer months.

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